Flag of Biafra: A story of war, struggle and hope

flag of biafra

Learn all about the flag of Biafra

Here you will find out all about the flag of Biafra

Flag of Biafra: Structure and Colors


The flag of the former Republic of Biafra consists of:

  • A horizontal tricolor
  • A golden rising sun over a golden bar


The horizontal tricolors of the flag of Biafra are:

  • Red stripe at the top
  • Black stripe in middle
  • Green stripe at the bottom
  • Yello rising sun at the center of the black stripe
flag of biafra
Flag of Biafra

Flag of Biafra: What does it mean?

The flag of Biafra has colors that symbolizes different aspects of the Biafra war and the struggle for independence that is it on

The Biafra flag colors mean:

  1. Red – is for the blood of those massacred in northern Nigeria and in the consequent Nigeria-Biafra war.
  2. Black – is for mourning and remembrance in Africa the black continent
  3. Green – is for prosperity and the half of a yellow/golden sun stands for a glorious future. The sun has eleven rays, representing the eleven provinces of Biafra
  4. Yellow – the rising Sun signifies light coming to luminate the Black continent of Africa

Flag of Biafra: What inspired it?

The flag of Biafra was inspired by the pan-African flag designed by Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.

Flag of Biafra: Does it resemble any other flags?

The flag of Biafra is regularly confused with the old flag of Malawi (2010 -2012) which also drew its inspiration from the original Pan-African Flag layout, with the red stripe at the top, the black stripe in middle, and the green stripe at the bottom. The rising sun at the flag’s top was replaced with a full, centered white sun with 45 rays.

Frag of Biafra: When is it hoisted?

The flag of Biafra is hoisted on the 30th of May to commemorate those who died during the Biafra civil war.

About Dr. Fredrick Onyeali 16 Articles
Dr. Fredrick Onyeali is an Elder Statesman of the IPOB. In 2012 he was inspired by Nnamdi Kanu and together with other elder statesmen; they formed what is now known as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) organization. Up until recently he was the National Coordinator of the IPOB in Germany and is presently an Elder Statesman of the IPOB. He continues to contribute to the Biafra struggle for independence in words and deed.

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