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Biafra Freedom is a culmunation of years of discussions. It started out as a corner where Biafrans could talk about the struggle for independence, especially for Biafrans in Diaspora. It’s now a community where Biafrans and everyone is welcome!

Our aim is to help educate everyone on the plight of Biafra and the continuing struggle for independence. Here, you can find out everything about the Biafran war, the current state of Biafra and the future of Biafra.

About Dr. Fred Onyeali

Every Biafran has always been directly or indirectly involved in the Biafran restoration struggle.

My active involvement in the struggle started during the time of Ralph Uwazuruike and his MASSOB. Due to my residency in Europe, I was limited in how much I could contribute to the struggle because MASSOB only operated in Biafraland.

Fred Onyeali

In 2012 we heard Nnamdi Kanu on radio. He foreshadowed the current state of affairs in Nigeria. His vision for a free and prosperous Biafra inspired me to take action. At the time Radio Biafra which he was operating was in partnership with the Bilie Human Rights Initiative in the Biafra Restoration struggle.

I eventually joined forces with Nnamdi Kanu who happened to be the Director of Radio Biafra.

During one of our meetings, Nnamdi Kanu asked for ideas on how to restore Biafra.  His simple call to action was “Anyone who has news ideas on how we can accelerate the restoration of Biafra should speak up!”

That call to action led to my idea of the formation of an organization that would bring together all Biafrans in diaspora across the globe – the organization is what is now globally known the Indigeneous People of Biafra (IPOB)

With its formation I became the first National Coordinator and Global Coordinator of IPOB in Germany and across the globe (at the time IPOB was only operating in Germany. It has since grown and is represented in 54 countries).

IPOB has continued to grow in strength and numbers. Its membership is comprised on Biafrans and sympathizers who have come together to ensure a peaceful restoration of Biafra. IPOB is the main global outreach organization that is responsible for the restoration of Biafra and has a membership strength that runs into millions.

Up until recently I was the National Coordinator of the IPOB in Germany and I am presently an Elder Statesman of the IPOB. I continue to contribute to the Biafra struggle for independence in words and deed.

The struggle live on!